Richard Machin founded readytext in 2002 after 25 years in software development, documentation and project management. Richard’s view is that too many projects suffer from poor writing at all stages in the project lifecycle. Poor internal communications, poor design, architecture, development and test specifications, poor marketing and poor user documentation all, ultimately, have a largely underestimated effect on a company’s bottom line. Today, in the midst of a communications and media explosion, companies are not investing enough in the efficient production of effective writing. The readytext mission is to provide writing services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Richard promotes good writing with the goal of improving how people communicate and collaborate with each other and with their customers.

Richard spent ten years at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he was principal engineer working on a wide variety of software and documentation projects in computer, networking, telephony and communications. He then spent 7 years at Microsoft Corporation, where he held positions as lead software engineer and program manager working in networks and communications, telephony, and digital media. Richard holds a PhD in literary theory, and has written broadly on issues around writing, reading and interpretation.

Richard’s current research interests include developments in content management and publication systems, content re-use and single-sourcing, controlled language, and figurative language in technical and promotional communications. Recently Richard launched rewrite, a monthly newsletter intended for individual writers, managers of writing and editing teams, or even those who simply want to write better e-mail messages. His articles in rewrite and in his readytext blog provide commentary on these and other ideas and developments in communications, as well point-articles on techniques and skills that can improve your own writing immediately.