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Good writing is effective writing; it improves communication. Our rewrite newsletter promotes good writing by providing short, immediately useful and engaging articles relating to obtaining, organizing, transforming and producing written information.

Each month rewrite tackles the techniques and technologies that make the task of writing easier and more satisfying for writers and readers alike. Recent articles are chock full of ideas on topics such as electronic readers (like Kindle), what makes a great presentation, making text skimmable, and how to work with subject-matter experts. Regular features give quick tips on style and usage, and provide practical examples of effective and not so effective witing. And each month the "rewind" section offers a single page, hit and run review of highlights and takeaways from that issue.

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"I very much enjoy rewrite, and it's also a great help to my students. Overseas students in particular benefit as it really aids them in improving their everyday writing, and the rewind page is a goldmine for everyone -- it alone justifies a subscription! I wholeheartedly recommend it as a very worthwhile and helpful resource."
- Andy Dawson, MSc Programme Director
Director of International Relations and Projects
Department of Information Studies
University College London